Hello World

Ok…so this is my umpteenth attempt at blogging. Keeping my fingers crossed that at least this one will work. While listing down my New Year resolutions, of which blogging topped the list, I asked myself why I wanted to blog. And here are the reasons I came up with:
1. I’m 24 and Im juggling a baby, a married life and my job as a journalist. It can get trying at times and I dont get any time for myself. Blogging will keep me sane and give me some time to indulge myself.
2. Blogging will help me socialize with different people (need I say that whie juggling so many things, my social life is next to dead?)
3. I enjoy cooking and try to experiment with recipes every now and then…but since I cannot keep anything safe (my clothes periodically disappear and reappear every 3 months…) I keep losing my recipe books and sheet. This blog will probably help me keep my recipes safe…
4. I just want to see if there is anything in the world that I can do diligently and meticulously…
5. ok…I am running out of reasons.
So, hoping that this will not be my last post…I sign off.