Office Desk et al.

Ok so starting today, I am doing a little feature in my blog. Every week I will introduce you to the desk of my 8-member news team. I believe that the office desk reveals a lot about the personality of the person. So here we go

Lets start with Christine or Xine as we call her. She is the mother hen of the group and is a total Brit tea lover- you can see her kettle, two mugs, a box of tea bags and a bottle of milk to the left. Her desk is always full of organized clutter and that’s because she has got everything you need. From cash to ketchup bottle, she is the person to go to if you need something but don’t have it. She is a sworn enemy of technology and her biggest achievement is learning how to put hot keys on and turn on the Telly. That’s why the two remote controls. But of late, she has started to try and organize her paperwork a bit. That’s why the organizer.


Mehnaz said...

You have to mention her DEEP understanding and knowledge of nursery rhymes as well :)

Nasreen said...

Oh God!!! Totally forgot are right she got a 28 on 30 at the nursery rhyme competition at my baby shower!!!