UAE and the underage driving problem

Another day, another underage driver, another accident and two lives lost in vain. I hate to be critical but such stories really drive me insane. Why was a 16 year old boy, without a driving license, driving a car with his 12 and 13 year old sisters in it at 3:30 am?

The UAE just needs to sit up and crack the whip on youngsters. A UAE university study done earlier this year reveals that 60% of Emirati and Arab drivers have driven before the legal age of 18…yes, 60 percent. 25% of the Emiratis regularly speed. 2.6% almost always jump the red signal. And how do all these people get away with it?

Now I am beginning to kind of agree with road safety campaigner Adam Kechil that the legal driving age should probably be dropped. I mean the kids are doing it any way so you might as well train them to drive rather than them getting into ridiculous accidents like these.

And while I criticize the systems and the attitudes, my heart goes out to the parents who have lost two of their kids in the blink of an eye. A third one is in hospital after being seriously injured. May you have the strength to get through this grief.


Mehnaz said...

Another point of concern is that the testing system is also not right here. It totally depends on "The mood" of the instructor at the time!!!
I've also heard of people who got their DLs by "KNOWING" the right people!!!

Nasreen said...

oh yes tell me about it...i still dont know fully why i got mine :-D