The Day The Sun Fell Into The Sea

The problem with kids is that they take things seriously. A bit too seriously for their own good.

So the other day Arfaz and Mehreen are watching the sunset from our balcony. And Arfaz said to her “Oh look, the sun is falling into the sea.” She seemed fascinated by the idea and turned to me and said “Mamma, sun is falling into the sea” (of course, she said it in a mix of 3 languages that we speak at home- Malayalam, Kutchi and English). We found it funny, laughed about it and didn’t think of it again until about an hour later by when she had repeated the same sentence 5 times.

Uh oh. We all- my mom, dad, Arfaz and I- started to look at each other and we could see where this was going. “But its going to come back tomorrow morning sweetheart,” Arfaz reassured her. She didn’t seem too convinced.

And that evening when we went out, she saw the full-moon and her face lit up “Sun,” she said. “That’s the moon, honey,” I corrected her and my mom glared at me. Shucks, I should have let her assume that it was the sun. It would have comforted her. She repeated “Sun fell into the sea.”

 Before she went to bed that night, she kept saying it over and over. We were all a bit shocked at how deeply the thought had affected her.

Next day, I got a call at office from my mom at about 11. Apparently she had woken up crying at 7am saying that the sun had fallen into the sea. And it took her a full hour to go back to sleep. When she woke up again, my mom took her to the balcony and showed her the sun in the sky. It seemed to relax her.

That afternoon, when I got back home she came running to me with a big grin and said “Mamma, the sun told me ‘Good morning Mehreen’”

And peace was restored in her world 