Turning 25

Surprises are not Arfaz's thing. In 4 years of marriage, he has probably surprised me once. That's partly because he doesn't really see the need for it (what a typical man, right?) and partly because he is such a horrible liar that I end up detecting his surprises before they are executed.

So imagine my shock this year when he actually managed to pull off a complete surprise for me. It's a video with a lot of loving messages from my family, friends and colleagues- scattered all over the world in the US, UK and India. I don't want to say more about the video except that it touched my heart in a way no other gift had, sheerly because of the time, effort and love that went into making it. Needless to say, I had shed a generous amount of tears by the end of it. I'm sharing it here with everyone. Some of you might not understand chunks of it because it's partly in Malayalam and partly in English. And in case you cant watch the embedded video, here is the YouTube link


Mehnaz said...

All I can say is


thahseen said...

awww !!loved the video !! :) great job arfazkka !