Mehreen's List of Seven Wonders of the World

Its a real pleasure to watch children- especially if they are not yours…coz then you dont have to worry about whether they fall down, start crying or poison themselves. Mine is 8 months old now and she can get interested in the most random things. I have compiled a list which I want to share with you guys…
The Bathtub: Every time she kicks her feet, the water splashes around and she will stare at it for a long time. And then she kicks until the bathroom and I are soaked
The exhaust fan in the bathroom: she can lie for hours on her changing table staring at the exhaust fan turning. Sometimes she even giggles at it
Housefly: Yesterday, she discovered a housefly for the first time. She stared and stared and finally tried to put a finger on it. When she found out that it could fly, she started crying in terror
Wind chimes: she gets a kick out of the jingling sound that the wind chimes make. Every time they pass through the corridor, she will look up at the chimes and want her dad to jingle them
Hands: She doesn’t really care whose hands they are, she will look at them for a really long time and then put them in her mouth. I think she is researching on the tastes of different hands
The Dancing Squirrel: it’s a toy of hers. She loves looking at it and can do so for as long as you want her to…but she will go no where near it.
Paper: Be it the newspaper or a magazine or just about any bits of paper, she has found the joys of tearing it up and stuffing it into her mouth