Weekends are so short that I can almost swear that they never were there. They seem so much shorter than the long, dragging weeks. My husband has a logical reasoning for it: That’s because weekends are shorter than the weeks. But that’s not the point. The point is that two days of the week seem like two years but two days of the weekend seem like two moments. So what did I do this weekend? A bit of shopping, a visit to my aunt and a lunch with my husband’s colleagues. And that’s it. Before I knew it, it was Saturday night when I was frantically trying to pack my husband’s lunchbox, iron my clothes for the next day and get my hyperactive baby to sleep- all at once. Its been years since I have been wanting to tidy out my cupboard, clean my news desk, go on a long drive, watch a movie, read a book, bake bread, make some cookies, etc. , etc.
But I believe in optimism…one such weekend will come when I will get to do at least 1 in the above list. Amen to that