got into my car and drove down the familiar road back to my university- I was going for a reunion dinner. As I did so, I began thinking about the two years that had passed since my graduation. So much had changed. Two years ago, I was a student. Today I am a working woman and a mother. Back then my only worry was whether I had finished my assignments and whether my clothes were stylish enough. Today my worries were whether I had changed my 8 month old’s nappy and whether I had packed any breakfast for tomorrow morning. Back then all I had to think about when pulling a late nighter is if I would make it in time for my 8am class knowing that even if I didn’t it didn’t really matter much. Today I wonder if I can reach office in time for my 6am shift knowing that if I didn’t I would get a disciplinary action. How much life had changed. I desperately wanted to go back to those carefree days. I wanted to worry about my clothes. I wanted to laugh about the classroom humor. I wanted to gossip about who was dating whom. I wanted to go to the freshers party. I wanted to discuss about that cute guy sitting next to me in the design class. But time never comes back, does it? And it is one of the harsh realities of life that you never truly appreciate what you have until you lose it. Suddenly I was filled with a sense of sorrow.
Once at university I met my friends and sat around a table with them. We giggled over silly jokes, pulled each others’ legs, went gaga over the food, discussed weddings, break ups, etc. Sitting there on the campus I almost felt like I was back in uni.
While driving back I started thinking about home- when I get back my husband would hug me and listen patiently as I described every minute details of the dinner. My mum would help me pack my breakfast and lunch. My dad would have made the nice hot jeera water that I loved. And then my daughter- she would grin when she saw me. We would then have a playtime before we went in for her bath. She would splash all the water around. I started smiling. My heavy heart lightened. My sorrow dissipated. I realized ‘Yes, I do miss the old times but I have other important things in my life now’.
Life HAS to move on. Your happiness depends on you how gracefully you can take it. There are people who try to cling on to the past and forget to live the present. I didn’t want to be one of them. I got back home realizing that I had a lifetime of memories to be happy about and learning the lesson that life needs to be lived to the fullest every minute so that you dont regret it later