Movie Magic

so much for my last blog entry about the ample amount of time that i have…I havent posted anything in a long looooong time. Well so, what do i blog about now? Have done a considerable amount in the past few weeks. Have organized a party, met a few friends, etc., etc. but being in the media field, i am tempted to write about something related to the media. Over the past few days I have seen a few good Malayalam movies and I felt like I had to write about them simply because I’m impressed by the changing trend in movie making and storylines. The first movie is Traffic. I must say there were many moments that made me sniff a bit and there were many scenes where I openly cried. Innovative style of story telling and some great editing really added to the value of the movie. Hats off to Bobby and Sanjay for giving the malayalam movie and TV industry some great scripts. The other movie is Kadha Thudarunnu. It released some time ago. A very realistic story which does not have the tried and tested ‘happy ending’. I hope more such films are made and that the Malayalam industry grows out of its superstar rut.