Happy Birthday to my baby

I still remember my exact movements last year at this time. I was propped up in a hospital bed with my doctors injecting gel after gel into me to get the little living thing out of me.

It was at 10 38 it finally made a grand entrance. I almost gasped when she came out. Partly becoz I couldn't believe that it was all over so fast (alhmadulillah) and partly becoz nothing I had read or heard could actually prepare me for that moment when they actually put the gooey, slimey her on me.

Up until the minute before I gave birth my husband and I were convinced that we were having a boy. When she was born and they said it was a girl, my first thought was "cheeky monkey, took us all for a ride". And I was right. Cheeky monkey she is.

The first four months of her life were hard. At that time I thought this must be what it feels like if you are a convict and you are in jail- sleep deprivation, not even being able to go to the loo when u want to, sore body- first from the delivery and then from non-stop feeding, etc. I had had the most amazing pregnancy that anyone could wish for. No morning sickness, no body pain, nothing. Only plain cravings- for Ghee roast- a south Indian dish. And I think it was the bargain God gave for some sleepless nights afterwards J

She was slow but steady in her developments. Until about 7 months, all she did was roll over. From month 8 she started sitting up, standing up and even sprouted teeth. Now she has started walking unaided and insists on showing off at any chance she gets.

Mehreen is probably one of the luckiest kids (alhamdulillah). She is our first born and she is the first grandchild from both her mum's and dad's side. And to top it all she is the first girl we have from my mom's side in 19 years. My aunts and uncles cannot shower her with enough. Neither can her grandparents or her parents.

Every time I try on a new dress or a frock; every time I put a pretty hair clip on her; every time I see a tiny pair of earrings, I thank God for my little girl. Yes, I was expecting a boy but I would have missed so much.

Every day with her is a pleasure. Each day she teaches us something new. Each day she makes us count our blessings. Each day she makes us smile. Life has become unthinkable without her. I know that time will pass with the blink of an eye. Soon she will go to school, then become a rebellious teenager and go on to get married and have her own children. But till then we want to enjoy and savor every second of her childhood. And some day when she is old enough to read a blog, I want her to know that she means the world and everything in it to us.


P.S.- One of the highlights of her first year was getting third prize at a healthy baby contest. I would like to sincerely thank Heidi Murkoff ( for her lovely books without which I would have been unable to answer the 100 million questions the doctors asked me- and without which she wouldn’t have won the prize.


saleem said...

heey nasreen..feels like we knw ur innuty from the day she was fast the tym flyd ..mashaallah...she'z juz a relica of u...arfaz was sayin tht he is luky enof to c his wyf in her childhood....wishing u all hapines with ur lil one...Happy bdy Mehreen!!!

Nadeera said...

I know,It's a pleasure to have a daughter.
Enjoy each moment of her growth..

May Allah bless Mehreen to grow up into a wonderful human being .

Nasreen said...

Thank you so much. I am actually quite emotional today. Dont know what my state will be when she starts growing older and more independent.

shafeena said...

Aww.. happy brithday to her !! hope she has a great one !! We may borns are always amazing !! as always ... "i wish i had a girl" :D

Mini said...

Hey Nasreen..a coincidence my first baby - a girl ;) - also is celebrating her birthday today.
Our wishes and prayers to Baby Mehreen...Happy birthday Mehreen !!

snz said...

once again wishing her a very happy birthday.may GOd bless her with all the happiness.
and nice writing too.

Nasreen said...

@shafeena- thank you. She decided to celebrate her bday by waking up at 2am and I told mehnaz, the late night parties have already begun. And I agree with you May-borns are all true divas :-)
@Mini chechi- thank you so much and wish your daughter happy birthday as well
@snz- Thank can we talk about your 10:30 pm 10 minute long visit to my house? Jokes apart, you should come home and spend more time with her...

Jenny said...

Oh, she is lovely. Those big dark intense eyes. It's amazing how quickly time flies, isn't it?

I love that you were surprised at her birth! I hope you did not have everything blue in preparation for bringing her home!

Thanks for the smile and thanks for linking.


Valappil said...

Happy birthday to the cute Mehreen. All the best to mum & dad.A wonderful narration Nasreen.

Sangeetha Janachandran said...

Love ur blog space Nachu...Happy bday to her...hugsss n muahhsss

Jingle said...

Happy Birthday, she is cute.

Nasreen said...

Thank you Jenny...although it wasnt quite obvious at that time, I think it was the best surprise I ever got. Thankfully my mom just got me to buy everything yellow to be on the safer side but when I got home, my husband had painted the room pink with "Its a Girl" decorations all over the room :-)

Thank you everybody for your kind comments

Mehnaz said...

I've been trying to comment on this for a couple of days now.

Anyways... The reason Mehreen's born as a girl is of course her big sister JIHAN :P

And the final touch was when you came to Jihan's party RIGHT before you went to the hospital. She must have thought. Life's gonna be really colourful as a girl :P

Wishing her Many more bright & happy birthdays to come !!!