Saturday Centus- First Anniversary

Although the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper I had something better in mind-a culinary treat.
"But do you even know where the kitchen is?" My worried friends asked.
"I'll manage"

"What's this?" Asked brother in law
"Grilled chicken"
"Looks more like charred to death chicken"
"And what's this," asked sister.
"Cheesecake" I was beaming.
"Are you sure you didn’t use chalk powder?" she questioned. "What's that smell?"
And suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Last I heard my b-i-l had broken into his pension savings to rebuild their burnt kitchen


Mehnaz said...

Please let me in (secretly of course) on whether this is true :P

cj Schlottman said...

What an inventive take on this prompt! Very good.


Nonna Beach said...

Very good job ! And sometimes it's true when someone dishes out mean it comes back to bite them !!!

Sue said...

Of course, I'm assuming this is an entirely fictitious account.



Jenny said...

Geez. That sounds like my first attempts at cooking years and years ago. There was joke in the family that I could tell when my dish was done because the smoke alarm went off!

Sad, but true!

I liked where you took the prompt this week.

Thanks for linking up.