Mother's Day

So my friend Shafeena is having a blog giveaway. It has just given me a reason to finally pen down this ode to my dear mother which was long overdue. It means a lot to me simply because I have tried and included as many memories as I could of the different things my mom has done for me as I grew up. So here we go

How can I ever thank you enough
For the countless nights you sat awake when I was a baby
To pacify me and get me to sleep
In the searing May heat during Ramadan
While still sore from the birthing wounds

How can I ever thank you enough
For the time you gave up a promising career when I was a child
To be with me as I grew up
Picking me up when I fell, holding my hand when I struggled
And cheering me on when I succeeded

How can I ever thank you enough
For the number of times you lost sleep when I started school
Sewing a last-minute fancy dress costume
Completing a difficult project
Or just sitting with me as I studied

How can I ever thank you enough
For the times you filled the gap in my life when I was pre-teen
As I grew up an only child
Doubling up as my friend, sister, confidante
And counseling me through life

How can I ever thank you enough
For dealing with my tantrums when I was a teenager
And rebellions
As I fought with you
Not realizing you were practicing tough love

How can I ever thank you enough
For encouraging when I was going to university
To follow my dream of becoming a journalist
As everyone criticized
And said I was making a mistake

How can I ever thank you enough
For supporting me when I was getting married
Putting your heart and soul into the wedding preparation
And making sure
That it was a dream wedding

How can I ever thank you enough
For fulfilling all my cravings when I was pregnant
Going to great lengths to get me traditional medicinal herbs
Massaging my legs
And staying up with me when I couldn’t sleep

How can I ever thank you enough
For standing by me when I was giving birth
Holding my hand, giving me strength
And not even leaving my side to catch the first glimpse of your granddaughter
Because you knew I needed you the most

How can I ever thank you enough
For taking care of me when I was a mother
And looking after my daughter
Just like you had looked after me
Soothing me to sleep while you stayed awake

How can I ever thank you enough
For calming me when I was juggling work and motherhood
Looking after my baby while I was at work
Making sure that I had enough rest
And running the household smoothly

No, I can never thank you enough
For being my strength, comfort and serenity
But this ode to you, my mother
Is to just tell you
I bow to you in respect, humility and sincerity to say

You are the Best Mother In The World
Happy Mother’s Day


Mehnaz said...

Very emotional & beautiful...

shafeena said...

Aww.. nasreen ! that is beautiful ! People are going to have to work very hard to top this one :)

sajana said...

Thanks nachutty..I cant write more bcause my eyes are filled with tears...u r the best daughter in the world......

Nasreen said...

Thanks guys...its the first poem i didnt use any rhyming techniques and just wrote from my heart...tried using it as a bribe to get out of weekly chores...didnt work though :-D

@umma :-)

parveen said...

so emotional yaar... indebted to mom alwys..

Shilpa Balagopal said...

Anybody would want to grab your mom after reading this! hehe..
very well written Nachuchi!

Judie said...

You are one lucky woman to have such a wonderful mother. Your poem is so lovely. You could print it out and have it framed for your mom!

Thanks for the comment on my post. I thought I might get some backlash, but so far I have not.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, Nasreen!!