My Colleagues desk

So I promised to introduce you to my colleagues’ desks and show you how it reflects their character. Didn’t do it last week so I am doing two at a time

Malak, Feyaza and I make up the reporting team. People joke that we are Peter’s Angles (like Charlie’s Angels). Peter? Peter is our news head. So let me introduce you to Malak and Feyaza.

Malak is the young, independent, fearless reporter who fought to go to Libya when the unrest kicked off. But of course our bosses had more sense than that- you see Malak has a knack. If trouble doesn’t come to her, she will go looking for trouble. She is an artist and paints amazingly well. The 500 million pictures on her desk, shows how she likes to visualize everything. An yes she is a bit of a show off as well- she has got pictures of her with Usher, John Legend and Shaggy right there on the left. She loves her coffee and that’s the mug in which she drinks her bitter, black coffee- something that would have me puking for a week. All those tiny figures on top are souvenirs she brought back from her trips abroad- half of them for pleasure and half for charity. Last year she went to Uganda to help orphans- yes this girl has a heart of gold J (Malak Harb you better buy me a big fat treat for all this)

P.S.- And oh!!! I will let you into a secret- its not out in the open but once I opened Malak’s drawer to get something and found loads of stuff including a spoon I had lent her about a year ago. We in the news team firmly believe that there is an inhabitable ecosystem in there

Feyaza- who actually mentored me into radio- is a bit of a nutty person. Doesn’t really know what she wants. So she pins up the ‘randomest’ things on her desk. There is an invite to the launch of Steve Madden in Dubai. Then there is a leaflet about Mongolian circus (like seriously??). Then there is a scan report of my baby when I was pregnant with her and above that is her pic when she was born. Then she has a poem about England. She is actually South African but she lived in Liverpool for bit so she thinks of it as home. She is also a Liverpool lunatic and generally goes insane before a major game. And then you can see the Rolling Stone lips- she even has its mouse pad. On the right are the pics of the most important people in her life- reflects how close she is to her family.