My Daddy Strongest

Ok blog time again now. I have told you about Mehreen, Arfaz and my mom. But I have not really told you about my dad. So I thought today for Mama Kat’s writing prompt, I will tell you ten things I love about my dad

  1. Where there is a will, there is a way: I think this saying was created after they saw my dad. His will power is so unbelievably strong that I cant even describe it. He was once upon a time a very hot tempered person. And one fine day, he decided “That’s it, I am not going to get angry any more.” Now I don’t know of anyone who stopped getting angry after a decision. But he did. He started practicing yoga (at 6am, if I may add) and did not avoid it even for a single day- not during weekends, not during vacations, never. And now he is as cool as cucumber.

  1. Knowledge: My dad can talk about anything under the sun. And I mean it. Even though he comes from a corner of India which was once considered a really under developed place, he just knows so much about so many things. The other day I came home and said “Oh, you know that great golfer who died?” “Seve Ballesteros?” “How do you know Seve Ballesteros?” “He was champion from the mid 70-s to the 90-s when you were in school. Why wouldn’t I know him? And why are you calling him Seve on your news? He is Severiano Ballesteros”

  1. Care- He is probably one of the most caring persons I have ever met. From the stray cat in the parking lot to my mom, he cares about every single thing in the world. If I am sick, he will make coffee, prepare the steam, not let me eat anything even at room temperature, etc.

  1. Meticulousness: I don’t think dad has had even a single bill that was overdue. We have never had any reminders about electricity, water, house rent and phone bills. Every month on the 2nd, my dad would give me the money to pay my fees (you see in those days, the salary was paid on the 1st). Even today, he gets my car serviced, passed and insured two weeks before the due date and makes sure that everything is up to date.

  1. Advice- Dad has a way of giving advice in the most subtle way but hitting it right in the eye. He tells a story or quotes a verse from the Quran but after years of experience I know that he means it as an advice to us, maybe to kick a habit or get over some bad experience or encourage us to be more forgiving. It always works.

  1. Memory: Age has weathered it a bit but my dad has photographic memory. When I was young, we never used to have a phone book in the house because my dad knew every single phone number, house number and even the car number plates of everyone!

  1. Professionalism: In my 24 years of life, my dad has not taken more than 10 days of sick leave. And all those days, he was so sick that he could barely move. He is also one of the most loyal persons I have seen- you know the kind who wont even make a local call on the office phone. He is so dedicated to the company that I think to myself, if I had 10 such people in a business I begin some day, I could conquer the world.

  1. Careful Spending: If I looked for it, I think I will find the spending record of my dad from the day I was born. Every single penny he spends is written down, tabulated and calculated at the end of the month.

  1. Value: I will always remember the values dad taught. Once I said to him “Dad I am first in class in the final exam results.” And he just hugged me. The next month I went and told him about how my friend had asked me to cheat on an exam so that I could get full marks but I refused. He congratulated me. In the evening, he brought me a huge box of 76 color pencils which I had been wanting for a really long but which was a bit of luxury back then. “Never cheat,” dad said, “it will never ever get you anywhere”

  1. Different roles: He is so good at every single role in his life- he is an amazing son, he is an amazing husband, he is the most amazing dad and he is such an amazing grandfather.

This one is for my superhero dad!!!


Slidecutter said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad! I so enjoyed reading everything you shared; he sounds like a remarkable man!

You are blessed to have him in your life!

waytenmom said...

That is a really great list of ten. I think people who know so much about the world (like his knowledge of Seve Ballesteros) even though others don't THINK they would know ..... really don't get the credit they deserve - but then it doesn't sound like he is living his life just to get credit!

Nadeera said...

i am sure ur dad will b proud man today..and that is an impressive list :) you r lucky to have such a wonderful role model as your dad. i am impressed( !! )to know that he is successful in controlling his temper( knowing that he is a puthurian ;) yes, his knowledge part , we all know that, we are always awed after talking to him. may allah,s blessings be always on him....and yes, he is a wonderful uncle too!

Patrice said...

I'm sure you make your dad proud...Visiting from Mama Kat's!

Nasreen said...

aww thank you guys...thank you so much for your words...