Cakey Bakey

One of the most challenging things during this Ramadan is to keep Miss M busy. It's almost after a year that she is at home for an extended period. Previously every time there was a break from play school, we had gone to India. But now she is home 24*7. Since we are fasting and it's too hot to even step out of the house,  my poor girl spends day in and day out cooped up inside . She isn't as much a trouble as a lot of other kids because she has got a trait of being able to amuse herself with her imaginary friends and toys.

But there is only so much that she can amuse herself or play with her brother. So I have been busy researching various ways to keep her occupied while helping her little brain absorb different concepts. We have done a bit of finger painting, we have played a lot of games and we have been looking at a lovely bird that has laid its eggs in our balcony (more on all of those later).
One day when she was particularly bored,  I asked her if she wanted to make cake. She was absolutely thrilled as she loves to eat cake. I wasn't too sure if cooking while I was fasting was such a great idea because it would be so hard to figure out if there was enough sugar! But she was so excited that I didn't have the heart to disappoint her. 
I chose to make the oil cake recipe that my amazing baker friend Mehnaz gave me. The cakes turn out so soft that it's unbelievable.
Step 1 was to powder the sugar. We had a bit of an issue because my sweetie pie preferred to eat the sugar than powder it

And then when I asked her to put the sugar in the grinding jar, she lifted the cup of sugar and placed it in the jar!
We then proceeded to seive the flour.
Then poured in the oil and added the eggs
Mixed it thoroughly
And poured it into the baking dish. But my daughter, like her mom and grandma, enjoyed licking the spoon
And the mixing bowl more than the cake itself (that's a very strong gene we are passing down).
When the cake was baked, she was proud

She didn't want to wait to cut it and wanted to pinch her share off.
Eventually she cut it and ate several pieces before finally sharing it with her brother who loved it just as much.


Hashina Rafeeque said...

Masha Allah !! You are a great mom,Nachu :) you do your best to keep Innu entertained, in sha Allah she will be very attached to you,and am sure you will be her best friend in life.

sherene said...

Lovely...both the article and the effort u put in to keep her occupied..God bless :)

Mitali Parmar said...

You still write wonderfully, feels like I'm right there with you. We need to get started on that magazine we had decided to produce :) I think we should call it wonderwoman and write about strong women like you. In any case, let's catch up on the phone/skype some time!

Zulfi DXB said...

Masha allah...may Allah bless you all

Nasreen said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. Its a real boost for me :)

@Mitali- You remember about the magazine? We definitely have to Skype. Send me a message on FB and lets chat soon

Mehnaz said...

It's awesome that you have the patience for this! I once attempted getting Jihan to help me and she ended up pouring half cup of vinegar into my prepared cake batter!


Very very proud of you Nach :)